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Alexandria University Community Service and Environmental Development Council resolved, during its meeting held recently, headed by Dr. Essam Al Kurdy, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, to link the simplified Internet World Website , to the faculties websites interested in adult education. That is based on the Council's discussions about the speech provided by the Faculty of Arts on doctoral thesis of Dr. Ghadir Magdy Abdel Wahab, which won the prize of the best thesis in the Arab world in the field of libraries and information technology, under the supervision of Dr. Ghada Abdel Moneim Mosa, the Faculty Vice Dean, where the subject of the thesis was about digital illiteracy emancipation for the elderly.

Alexandria University Council resolved, at its meeting held on Monday, March 14th, 2016, headed by Dr. Rushdi Zahran, the University President, to form a committee to study foreign students’ conditions and ways to facilitate residency and all other administrative procedures. That is based on the keenness of the University to provide opportunities to attract foreign students to study at the University faculties.


As a support for the national initiative launched by Mr. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, Matroh governorate held a conference to support . the conference was held in Matroh Governorate with headquarter participation of Dr. Ashraf El-Shiehy the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Matroh Governor Mr. Alaa Abu Zaid, President of Alexandria University Dr. Roshdy Zahran, Dr. Mohamed Abaza the University Vice President for Matroh Branch and Mr. Sayed El-Eshmawy the Executive Director of Tahya-Misr Fund in addition to

The Minister Dr. El-Sheihy stated that the higher education is the basis of improvement and Matroh University will inaugurated in 2017 as governmental university. He also announced about scholarship programs that will be allocated in private universities for Matroh students and other border governorates.

Matroh Governor Mr. Abu Zaid commended the national role of Matroh people through supporting the political leadership and providing national sharing in Tahya-Misr Fund. He also commended the involvement of businessmen, civil sector institutions and community leaders in supporting the Fund.

Dr. Essam ElKurdi, Alexandria University Vice President, visited the Egyptian embassy in the Chinese capital Beijing, where he met the Egyptian Ambassador, Dr. Magdy Amer and Dr. Hussein Ibrahim, the  Egyptian cultural advisor in China. A dialogue was made between the two sides about the opportunities for cooperation between the University of Alexandria, and the Chinese universities, government and provinces in terms of scholarships of undergraduate and graduate studies and conduct joint researches.


From his side, the Ambassador stressed on the development of Chinese-Egyptian relations, which is experiencing significant progress in the current period and pointed to the need for special investment of the available opportunities in the field of academic cooperation.



Prof. Dr. Rushdi Zahran, the President of Alexandria University stressed on university interest to promote the distinctive relationship with African countries, explaining that the policy of the university is to establish branches and research centers in Africa. He added that AU has a branch in N'Djamena - Chad including faculties of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, while the study will start next October in the branch of Tung city in South Sudan with 4 faculties of Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine, Education and Nursing.

Dr. Zahran added that the regional Ethiopian Egyptian center for sustainable development in Ethiopia is under construction containing 3 research centers in fields of family health, energy and water resources and food, and cultural and social studies.

Dr. Zahran declared that Alexandria University hosts 750 African students studying in the university headquarters in Alexandria among 6000 foreigners belonging to 60 countries from most regions of the world.

This came during the opening ceremony of Africa Day organized by Alexandria University on Thursday, 23 June 2016 in the Conferences Hall of the Faculty of Medicine under title of "Africa inside Alexandria University heart". The ceremony was attended by ambassadors of African countries and members of its diplomatic missions in Egypt in addition to African and foreigner students studying in Alexandria University and in presence of university deputies and faculty members.

The Rector underlined of AU keenness on continual development of the academic programs and creating new programs and providing an appropriate education with a target of preparing a highly qualified and graduates with competitive and leadership skills, in addition to sustainable development of the capacities of faculty members and continuous review of administrative and academic structures to keep pace with the latest global updates that should achieve constant updating of the institutional capacity of the university especially that the AU has 450 international conventions with various universities around the world, including agreements to confer mutual degrees in undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He added the mutual degrees recognition with outstanding international universities confirms the global confidence in the academic capacity of Alexandria University.

Ambassador Mohammad Idris, assistant of the Minister for African Affairs affirmed the importance of Alexandria University role in cooperation with Africa, indicating that the enrolment of African students to study at Alexandria University represents a life and accommodation experience in historic city that shall contribute effectively to the cultural exchange with African countries.

He said that this event comes within Egypt celebration of Africa Day with all its meanings of solidarity, interdependence and the African joint action.

Mr. Anthony Lewis, the Ambassador of South Sudan in Egypt expressed the pride of his country towards the Egyptian role in education and freedom in Africa over the years and stressed his own pride being graduated in English Language Department of Alexandria University. He also stated that the Egyptian diplomacy in the field of education was one of the most important factors of the convergence of South Sudan and Egypt citizens, explaining that every city or village in South Sudan has citizens who have educated, lived or treated in Egypt.

The event included an exhibition for educational programs and recent activities of the University that can be provided for the African countries as well as the existing cooperation works and numerous presentations on the relations between AU and African countries. There was also an induction on the cooperation initiative entitled (Pan African) being implemented in some faculties of the university.