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Under auspices of AU President Dr. Essam El-Kurdi, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine organized a symposium under title of "Fourth generation wars and fighting terrorism". The symposium was delivered by Major Talaat Abdel Moneam, the Manager of Military Education Department in the university. He spoke about the venturous of fourth generation wars and explained its main goals of destabilizing countries regimes and social cohesion and

stability. He indicated that this type of war uses information war to spread sedition and destabilizing the country. He emphasized the necessity to stand against this hazard and to preserve our territorial integrity. He also appraised the great role of our army to save our beloved country in its war against terrorism. He also presented some documentary showing the heroic stories of the Egyptian forced officers and soldiers.

The Faculty Dean Prof. Ashraf Nazem pointed out faculty keenness to aware students about the great role of Egypt army to keep stability and social peace by conducting periodic lectures and meetings. He also appraised the value of Veterinary Medicine graduates in the community service.

The symposium was attended by faculty deputies, teaching staff and students.


Prof. Mohamed Bahy El-Din, the Deputy of the Faculty of Agriculture for Education and Students Affairs declared that the faculty will publish the results of second semester exams on its website on Sunday 16th of July 2017.

He also stated that complains will be received through the Student Affairs Department as well registration for summer exams starting from Sunday 17th of July 2017.


On Monday 10th of July 2017, Alexandria University President Dr. Essam El-Kurdi participated in the activities of Dar el Maaref initiative under the slogan "Family reads…Nation promotes". The initiative extends until the end of next August with attendance of a group of intellectuals and writers.

The initiative was inaugurated by the Minister of Culture Mr. Helmy El Namnam, Alexandria Governor Dr. Mohamed Sultan, Chairman of Dar El Maaref Mr. Said Abdu, and Mr. Mohamed Amin the chief editor of October magazine.

AU President in his speech stated that the university will host a series of cultural exhibitions held by Dar El Maaref starting from next academic year as a service for faculty members, employees and students. He emphasized that the purpose such events is to disseminate culture and the rising a generations with positive and constructive ideas.

The exhibition includes more than 85 Egyptian publishers and many cultural seminars, and offers a discount of 20% on all editions.

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Alexandria University President Dr. Essam El-Kurdi announced that dean position will be vacant in 6 faculties in the coming period.

Dr. Kurdi pointed out that candidate nominations will start on Monday 31 July 2017 till 6th August 2017 for the vacant positions in 6 faculties (Faculty of Arts - Faculty of Economic Studies and Political Sciences – Faculty of Kindergarten - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Faculty of Agriculture, Saba Basha - Faculty of Education).

AU President said that the final nominations will be announced Tuesday 15th August 2017.



Alexandria University family headed by Dr. Essam El-Kurdi stated its condemnation of the blind terrorist attack against military roadblock. Egyptian soldiers and officers were killed and others were injured when armed terrorists attacked some military sites in Rafah in Sinai.

Alexandria University denounces these criminal acts that ran counter to the teachings of Islam and all divine religions as well as the basic tenets of humanity and the standards of cultural values.

We also trust in our military forces and police officers who are fighting terrorism and we are standing behind our political and military leadership until clearing all terrorism hotbeds and return stabilization and safe to our country.

We ask God to grant rest to soul of our martyrs and keep it in Paradise and we hope speedy and complete recovery for our injuries.