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Dr. Essam El Kurdy the university vice president for Community Service and Environment Development and Dr. Abdel Aziz

Konswa, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering visited Christopher Newport University to discuss joint cooperation and establishment of Study Programs to qualify students for creativity and innovation. They were met by Prof. Dr. Tarek Abdul Fattah, the Professor at Christopher Newport University who was awarded by NASA and has 10 patents in Nano-technology and its applications in water and energy.

Also a meeting was held attended by Deans of faculties of Commerce and Science to review the idea of Christopher Newport University based on studying some courses in different disciplines for three semesters then the student should decide his future field. The university adopts the idea of direct relation between the student and professor and depends on education of 25 students in average.

Another meeting also held with the Rector to discuss the scientific cooperation between the Christopher Newport University with China, Germany and Ireland for students exchange and the possibility to apply the same experiment with Alexandria University in addition to establishment of joint programs in the area of applied environmental sciences and engineering management. The delegation took a tour in university buildings and laboratories on 26 acres at a cost of about 1.3 billion $.

A meeting was had with a group of researchers in the field of water technology and wetland technic used in environment protection against pollutants.


Dr. Roshdy Zahran, the President of Alexandria University will meet the second group of university camp at 7:00 Pm on Sunday 7th of August 2016. The group consists of 220 students from different faculties of the university. The camp will be held till Thursday in the University City in Smouha.

Dr. Hisham Gaber, the Vice President of University for Education and Students Affairs pointed out that the camp aims at providing suitable

environment for the students to practice activities, exchange experiences and to meet the university and political leaderships.

Prof. Dr. Rushdi Zahran, President of Alexandria University, stressed the importance of encouraging faculty members and their assistants to increase scientific publication rates in the classified world scientific magazines along with emphasizing on the development of scientific and specialized magazines issued by the university faculties.

Prof. Dr. Seddik Abdul Salam; Vice President of Alexandria University for Graduate Studies and Research declared that the university began the necessary measures toward its initiative to face and prevent the phenomenon of scientific plagiarism. He clarified that the basic step against this phenomenon is to identify this act and its risks through organizing a series of awareness campaigns and workshops for all concerned parties including faculty members, assisting staff and graduate students.

Dr. Seddik indicated that 90% of scientific plagiarism cases occur as a result of lack of knowledge about the governing rules and laws. He added that this pilot exercise will be a guide and can be applied in all Egyptian universities.

This came during the meeting of the Council of Graduate Studies and Research where it was decided to form a committee of experts to take the responsibility of identifying scientific plagiarism and developing the required rules and mechanisms to face this phenomenon. The committee will determine appropriate sanctions for scientific plagiarism and also develop a mandatory course curriculum for and Master’s and PhD students on scientific plagiarism.

Moreover, Dr. Mostafa Al-Nagar; the Deputy of the Faculty of Science addressed a lecture during the session of the Council on this phenomenon where he reviewed the definition of the problem and its risks and types of scientific plagiarism as well as how to discover and how to avoid it.



Dr. Essam Kurdi, acting president of Alexandria University issued a decision to appoint Dr. Saeed Mohammed Abdul Qadir Allam "Professor of Structural Engineering", vice-dean of the Faculty of Engineering for Education and Student Affairs for three years.