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Dr. Sediq Abdul Salam, Alexandria University Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, stressed the importance of the establishment of new research labs to serve researchers and support scientific research. Furthermore, pointed out that the coming months will see the opening of some laboratories and research centers in the University, including a stem cell research center. This came during his meeting, held yesterday, with the Council of Graduate Studies and Research. He added that the university has allocated this year, 4 million pounds from scientific research fund to support capacity building. This includes the development of laboratories and the establishment of new one in the University, in addition to funding successful research projects within Alex Rep projects, referring to the University interest to maximize benefit from scientific research and support projects that meet the strategy of scientific research of the University and serve the Egyptian economy and development projects.

Dr. Seddik Abdel Salam; Deputy of Alexandria University for Graduate Studies and Research received a delegation of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) on Thursday 14 April 2016. The delegation included Dr. Roman Luckscheiter; DAAD Cairo Director and Irene El-Khorazaty; Coordinator of German Scientists and Students programs. The meeting discussed cooperation between the two sides and increasing the activities of German language education in Alexandria University faculties and institutes. It was greed to organize induction day for faculty members and assisting staff to know about DAAD activities of grants and joint research projects and degrees with German universities.

It was also agreed to hold workshop in May to be attended by deans and deputies of all Alexandria University faculties to discuss how to find partners from German universities for cooperation in joint scientific researches and degrees. The meeting also included the adoption of the contract of Mrs. Maria Rauscher; the Lecturer for the DAAD in Alexandria University.

Dr. Abdel Salam Seddik presented the memorial Medal of the university to Dr. Roman Luckscheiter as appreciation for his efforts through the support of the DAAD to Alexandria University.

During the meeting of Graduate Studies Council, Dr. Seddik Abdul Salam, Vice President of Alexandria University for Graduate Studies and Research stressed on universities role in supporting the trend toward a knowledge-based economy through utilizing the scientific research to serve the national economy and promotion the development and continuous cooperation between university and industry.

He added that the Master and PhD theses must have practical usefulness and to representa scientific add value.

Alexandria University Council in its session held on Tuesday, 24 November 2015 under chairmanship of the Rector Dr. Rushdi Zahran approved the university

prizes for 2015, where the prizes were awarded as following:

Dr. Taha Hussein prize was equally awarded to PROF. DR. Ismail Ibrahim Gomaa; Faculty of Commerce and Prof. Dr. Farouk Ibrahim Shehata; Faculty of Fine Arts.

The University Encouragement Award (in the medical field) to Prof. Dr. Nazek Abdul Latif; Faculty of Pharmacy and (in practical field) it was awarded to Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed, Profprof. Dr.r. Hani Al Sharif; Faculty of Science and Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ibrahim Youssef; Graduate Studies and Research Institute while the prize (in the field of theoretical and social sciences) was awarded to Prof. Dr. Mohammad Kamal Nour Eldin; Faculty of Law.

The University Award for scientific excellence (in the medical field) was awarded to Prof. Dr. Adnan Bakhit; Faculty of Pharmacy while it was (in practical field) to Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Abu Ali, Prof. Dr. Abdul Fattah Mohammad Yousef and Prof. Dr. Sherein Nabil Khattab; Faculty of Science.

The University Award for Scientific Encouragement (in the medical field) was awarded to Dr. Shirin Farouk and Dr. Ahmad Radi from the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Nuha Mohamed Adel, Dr. Rasha Abdul Aziz Shaalan, Dr. Yosra Shaaban and Dr. Marwa Adel Abdellatif from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Dr. Samir Awad El Gendy from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The prize was awarded ( in practical field) to Dr. Taghrid Zewail; Faculty of Engineering and Dr.

Rowaida Khalil Salah, Dr. Wegdan Ramadan and Dr. Amira Zaki; Faculty of science woo. And Dr. Nehal Mohammad Ali from the Graduate Studies and Research Institute while it was awarded (in the field of education) to Dr. Rania Fathi and Dr. Mohamed Gaber from the Faculty of Education and Dr. Dina Adel Hassan from the Faculty of Specific Education.

Alexandria University Council in its session held on Tuesday, 24 November 2015 under chairmanship of the Rector Dr.  Rushdi Zahran decided to standardize all courses completion certificates issued from all the relevant Units of Special Nature and university centers starting from next January.


In the context of university keenness of the continuous improvement of competency, the Council stressed the importance of improving the administrative structures of the university. The Council also called the Human resources Committee to set training plans as soon as possible that should improve the performance of the teaching staff and employees leading to raise the competency and achieve better service for the community. The Council also called all faculties and institutes to provide the whole development plan of University facilities in order to be included within the investment plan of the university.