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Alexandria University Dr. Essam El Kurdi accompanied by Dr. Hisham Gaber the Vice President for Education and Students Affairs and Dr. Hanan kattarah the Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels opened the development works in the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels after finishing the third phase of the development plan of faculty structures. The opened works are including the faculty library with increased capacity by 90% and new computers connected to the internet, maintenance of meeting rooms, the museum, and collected hall for faculty members offices.


Dr. Maha Adel, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing in Alexandria University has recently opened the 14th international scientific conference under the title of "The role of nursing in health promotion and leadership."

Dr. Maha Adel stressed in her speech that the faculty aspires to reach a world-pioneering role as a focal center in nursing education and scientific research. The faculty also seeks to contribute to the development of the nursing profession through the graduation of qualified personals with high competency in nursing profession in order to meet the of the local and international market needs.

She added that the faculty seeks through the conference to highlight the importance of the nursing role in the advancement of public health, and to achieve optimal integration between various health sectors and to struggle against the violence against women and children.


Prof. Dr. Hisham Gaber, Alexandria University Vice President for Education and Students Affairs has recently inaugurated the Study in Japan Fair 2017 hosted by AU for the first time in collaboration with kyushu University of Japan and the Japanese embassy in Cairo.16 Japanese universities participated gin the event in addition to the Egyptian Japan University of Science and Technology, Faculty  of Science, Faculty of Physical Education, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Commerce, the Institute of Higher Studies and Research and the Faculty of Education.

The fair included a series of lectures about the participating universities as well as available programs and scholarships opportunities to study in Japan. The second part of the fair presented publications of the participating universities and programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The fair was held under auspices of Dr. Essam El-Kurdy, President of the Alexandria University and under supervision of Dr. Hisham Gaber AU Vice-President and Dr. Ghada Moussa, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts.

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The Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Alexandria University organized the conference of "Training and qualifying the health sector employees on hospitality and how to receive patients and their relatives". The conference was organized in Sheraton Al Montazah Hotel in collaboration with the Health Directorate in Alexandria. The training objective is to spread the right academic awareness and hospitality rules in order to be applied in Alexandria hospitals and medical centers.

Dr. Hanan Kattara the Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels stated that this experiment is held for the first time in Alexandria by common cooperation between academic and medical sector where the training is delivered by a teaching staff from AU and distinguished personals from the hotels sector in Egypt.  


The Council of Alexandria University in its recently session on 7th  of December 2017 headed by Dr. Essam El Kurdy, the President of the university discussed the final arrangements for the diamond jubilee celebrations from 19 to 21 of December. The first day of celebration will begin with a military music walking from the Faculty of Engineering to the University Administration Building then to the human sciences complex, in addition to some galleries and activities. The second day will witness the official ceremony at Alexandria Bibliotheca which will combine a documentary about AU and honoring 10 of university figures in addition to a gallery under title of "University in photos". In the third day 200 of distinguished pioneers, faculty staff, students and Arabian and African characters will be honored, after that a ceremony will be played by the Arabian Music Band.