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Within the framework of the presidential initiative sponsored by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, planned and financed by the Presidential Advisory Council for Education and Scientific Research.

Dr. Ashraf Hatem, the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Universities, declared that the working group of Digital Libraries Unit had conducted some training and education sessions in collaboration with the Presidential Advisory Council within the framework of the activities of the Egyptian knowledge Bank, beside the activities carried out by Digital Libraries Unit in all universities.

The initiative aims to build the Egyptian Knowledge Bank that seeks to unify subscription to international periodicals and data bases, and to provide information sources, research and scientific studies via one electronic portal.

The Secretary-General the Supreme Council of Universities called the working groups of Digital Libraries Units to cooperate with the Digital Libraries Units of the Supreme Council to establish information and training sessions for faculty members and researchers at universities to achieve maximum profit of available sources through the Knowledge Bank.

Eng. Mohammed Abdul Thahi,r Governor of Alexandria, expressed his confidence in Egyptian youth capabilities explaining that the Egyptian youth when finding an opportunity achieve the best results. He also pointed out that Japan asked for the allocation of 100 plots for the establishment of Egyptian Japanese schools across Egypt. This is after the Egyptian-Japanese University of Borg El Arab experience achieved great success beyond the expectations of the Japanese side to classify five of the young Egyptian researchers as the five best researches in the world for the last year.

This came during his meeting, on the evening of Wednesday, February 10th , 2016, with the students of Alexandria University, members of the camp of the University Club, which was held in Al Ataa Club in Al Max. He praised the University efforts in cooperation with the Governorate to plan for future projects in the City where he confirmed that Alexandria will see during the next phase the establishment of tourist resorts to practice rowing, wind surfing and water skiing sports on Al Nozha Lake. In addition, an entertaining cultural area will be established at Alexandria desert entrance behind Carrefour. That is for  Alexandria and its visitors to enjoy the diversity in entertaining areas, which adds a new tourist dimension of the city. He called everyone to consolidate efforts for Alexandria to return  to its normal position as a cosmopolitan city. He also responded to a request of a student to name the school in which her martyr brother, who flooded his soul on the land of Sinai, was educated, in his name.

Prof. Dr. Rushdi Zahran, Alexandria University President, stressed that all the University capacities and expertise are in service of the Governorate and its development projects in order to return to its natural position at the local, regional and international levels as a cosmopolitan city. Dr. Zahran  expressed his confidence in the continuation of cooperation between the University and the Governorate to bring about development which represents a real addition to the community of Alexandria. He also explained that the Governor of Alexandria has a special interest in the University and that it was the first place to visit him for his conviction of the importance of coordination with it in planning for the future of Alexandria which shows his faith in the role of the University and its students.


The meeting was attended by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdul Karim Abatha, the University Vice-President for Matrouh branch, Prof. Dr. Hisham Jaber, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, the deans, deputies and staff members of the faculties of the University. The meeting was held by Prof. Dr. Alaa Ramadan, Deputy of Faculty of Science and the leader of the camp.

Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Rajab, the Quran Sciences Professor in Al-Azhar University and the General Inspector of the Ministry of Awqaf, stressed that loyalty and belonging to the homeland is of great value which is should be apprehended by the youth of this community and not drift behind the immigration calls, which reduce the home value in the view of the Egyptian youth, citing some examples of many Egyptian symbols in this area .

This came during a symposium organized by the camp of the University Club for Alexandria University students under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Rushdi Zahran, President of the university, and Prof. Dr. Hisham Jaber, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, on Monday evening, February 8th , 2016, Al Ataa Club in Al Max.


On his part, Prof. Dr. Alaa Ramadan, deputy commander, pointed that youth are the hope of Egypt in construction and development. He added that they have significant role in the next phase, which requires consolidated efforts to develop our homeland.


At the end of the symposium, the participating students asked a number of questions concerning the affairs of the Egyptian cultural, political and scientific sides.

Dr. Rushdi Zahran, president of Alexandria University, said the university interest in health promotion and disease control that have impact on the economy and development, referring to the university's efforts in the fight against hepatitis disease virus (c), which represents a danger to Egypt's national security because it causes wasting of wealth and expressed hope that this day (January 30, 2016) achieve the dream of “Egypt free of c virus”, it came during a meeting organized by the Faculty of Medicine on the sidelines of cooperation between the faculty and Rotary District 2451 toward Alexandria free of c virus, this protocol signed by Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Ibrahim Mokhles, Dean of the faculty and Eng. Mohamed Adel governor of Rotary district.


 Prof. Dr. Rushdi Zahran, President of Alexandria University declared that the university is working on the professionalization of students and graduates with skills required for the labor market by enhancing communication and presentations skills, interviews, languages and computer through the implementation of 9 training programs in the Career Development Center to prepare students and young graduates for labor market in addition to the entrepreneurship program in the university. Dr. Zahran underlined the significant improvement of education quality in the university as 8 faculties had obtained the accreditation by the National Authority for Quality ensure and Accreditation, in addition to continuous upgrading in Alexandria University place within international classifications to be among the best 20 university of Africa,15 Arab University and 6 Egyptian universities.

This came during the meeting held by the University President with the students of Alexandria University Club on Sunday evening, 7th of February 2016 in El Max. The meeting was attended by Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abdel Karim Abaza, Rector Deputy for Matrouh branch affairs, deans and faculties deputies.