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Dr. Mohamed Abaza, vice president of Alexandria University for Affairs of Matrouh branch inspect the progress of mid-year examinations for the academic year 2015/2016 at faculties of Matrouh branch in order to check on the regularity of examination. 

Dr. Abaza During the visit, stressed the importance of applying the regulations and controls of examination committee, and the provision of medical, security service and safety of the students and the availability of a sufficient number of observers in each committee.

The Faculty of Nursing - Alexandria University organized the international scientific conference on nursing care science in the Great Hall of the conference center – Semouha, in the period from 4 to 5 January 2016.

The conference launched under the title of “Infection control and personal hygiene” under auspices of Dr. Rushdi Zahran President of the University and Dr. Maha Adel Salem, Dean of the Faculty.

The importance of the conference is its main emphasis of effective contribution to the development of the nursing career and raising the level of nursing care with the participation of educational institutions from Egypt and Arab and foreign countries. The Conference focused on highlighting the importance of infection control and patients health, exchanging scientific expertise at local and global level that aim to control the infection and personal hygiene.


Participants from several Arab and European universities attended the conference including Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Sweden, Italy and Czechoslovakia. The attended the opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Ezzat Khamis, the former university deputy and the coordinator of TEMPS project also in addition to faculty deputies and deans of some Faculties of Nursing in Egypt and many of faculty members, assisting staff and employees.

Prof. Dr. Rushdi Zahran; President of Alexandria University issued a decree to appoint Dr. Hala Nabil Abdel Moneim Helaly; the Assistant  Professor at Department of Tourism Studies as a Deputy of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels for Community Service and Environment Development for a period of three years. 

Dr. Seddik Abdel Salam, Vice President of Alexandria University for Graduate studies and Research underlined the university interest in scientific research and the development of higher education through improving programs and curricula and capacity-building projects in terms of raising the competency of faculty members and laboratories development. The university also is keen on cooperation with prominent international universities to establish of common scientific degrees as well as to encourage travelling of students and researchers to study and research. He also stated that the university pays special attention to projects of the European Union that support the development of higher education. These statements were in the opening of the training workshop organized by the University recently on how to write projects proposals to support the development of higher education that are funded through grants provided by the European Union Program (Erasmus Plus). The workshop was attended by Eng. Karim Hamdi; the Deputy of National Coordinator of the European Union program in addition to a group of faculty members and graduate students of Alexandria universities, national universities and the Arab Academy of Science and technology .

Dr. Seddik Abdel Salam, Vice President of Alexandria University for Graduate Studies and Research declared that and application is now open for the International Parliamentary grant - Arab Countries Program 2016 in according to the announcement received from Deutscher Bundestage.

To note that, the deadline to apply is of 31st of January 2016. For more information, please visit the following website: