important news

The Council of Education and Students Affairs headed by Dr. Hisham Gaber reviewed the second semester exams in university faculties. Dr. Gaber stressed on providing all facilities for the students to perform well in the exams in appropriate atmosphere. He called too provide equal opportunities for students and to take legal action with any fraud cases.

The university vice President called to activate the role of Academic Coordinator for foreign students in order to provide care, guidance and support for them and help them to adapt with university community and public life. He also praised the sports day and cultural day organized by the Faculty of Medicine for foreign students from all colleges with participation of 2000 students and attended by cultural attachés of and Consuls of some diplomatic missions.


Alexandria University branch in N'Djamena Chad celebrated the graduation of the first batch from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The batch consists of 40 graduates; 15 students from Arabic section and 25 students from French section.

Graduates and their families in addition university leaders in N'Djamena and the diplomatic mission of Egypt attended the celebration. In addition, governmental officers and representatives from Chadian ministries and foreign embassies attended.


Alexandria University Vice President Dr. Hisham Gaber visited the Theoretical Complex to review the second semester exam in the faculties of Tourism, Law, Commerce, Arts and Education. He emphasized on providing proper psychological atmosphere for the students, and preventing any opportunity for cheating.

Dr. Hisham Gaber also reviewed the work inside control rooms and stressed on finishing examination papers and announcing final results as soon as possible.

Dr. Gaber was accompanied by deans and deputies of the faculties of the theoretical complex during his tour.

Dr. Essam El Kurdi, President of Alexandria University stated that the university seeks to increase the medical and therapeutic services provided to children in various disciplines and to continue the development of university hospitals with more coordination between hospitals under the umbrella of the Medical Board.

This came during the opening of the fourth Egyptian on Paediatric Respiratory diseases. The conference was held in Alexandria Bibliotheca conference hall with participation of Prof. Ashraf Hatem, secretary general of the Supreme Council of Universities, Dr. Magdy Hegazi, Deputy of the Ministry of Health in Alexandria and Dr. Mahmoud Al Zalabany the former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

The Rector pointed out the importance of this conference, where 2300 researcher and participant from 26 countries will attend.

The Conference Chairman Dr. Nader Faseeh declared that discussions is taking place on challenges facing doctors in this area, as well as dealing with congenital diseases in the lung and bronchial, sensitivity, pneumonia and cirrhosis acute respiratory.

The conference was held under the auspices of the European Respiratory Society in Egypt and Middle East.