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Prof. Dr. Rushdi Zahran, president of Alexandria Universityreceived Anthony Kon, South Sudan's ambassador in Cairo and Ashraf Okasha, Consul of South Sudan to discuss executive steps for the opening of the university branch in southern Sudan in Tong state, and the start of the study in October in three faculties:Faculty of Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine and Education. Starting from 90 student and could double in the following years and the agreement to sign a joint memorandum of understanding for this purpose.


Prof. Dr. Zahran emphasized during the meeting, the university's keenness on supporting scientific cooperation relations with the State of South Sudan and activating the scientific cooperation agreements concluded between the two sides and for the branch of the university in southern Sudan, the university president pointed out that it has been completed to create the custom of the three faculties as well as the teacher's housing association and administrative staff members and were equipped with all necessary equipment for the start of the study, as well as students studying phases of undergraduate - Alexandria university president promised to overcome the difficulties they face during the study period, which relate to training in university cities and participate in student activities.


Also Mr. Ambassador thanked the Egyptian government for its support of the State of South Sudan through the establishment of development projects in the fields of agriculture, electricity and water, health and other resources, and stressed his country's keenness to push and encourage bilateral cooperation with Egypt in the coming period, and pointed out that the University of Alexandria branch in southern Sudan would further strengthen relations between the two countries and achieve the common interests of both sides

Alexandria University President Prof. Dr. Roshdy Zahran met a delegation from China’s Office for National Science and Technology Awards led by director Dr.Weng to discuss means of promoting cooperation in areas of common interest in preparation to sign a cooperation agreement.

Dr. Zahran affirmed the longstanding relations between Egypt and China since 60 years ago. He also stated that Alexandria University is keen to cooperate with Chinese scientific and research academic sides through forging scientific partnerships and joint programs.

He briefed the delegation on the university’s strategic plan, international partnerships and agreements.

The Chinese delegation presented the conditions of awards granted by the Center in fields of science and technology and the evaluation criteria for submitted projects. They also described the contributions that can be provided to Alexandria University for cooperation with the Chinese academic institutions.

The meeting was attended by Prof. Dr. Seddik Abdul Salam the University Vice-President forGraduateStudies and Research, Prof.Dr. Hesham Gaberthe University Vice-President for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Ismail Dean of the Faculty of Science, Prof. Dr. Mokhtar Yousef Dean of Graduate Studies and Research Institute, Prof. Dr. Abdel AzizKonsowaDean of the Faculty of Engineering,Prof. Dr.Boshra Salem Director of the Office of International Relations at the university and Prof. Dr. Magdy Abdel Azim theDeputy of the Faculty of Engineering.

In the context of activating the partnership agreements between Egyptian Universities and British Universities, Prof. Dr., Ashraf Al-Shehhi, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Prof. Dr. Ashraf Hatem Secretary of the Supreme Council for Universities and Rectors of the universities of Alexandria, Helwan and Banha participated in the Forum of Ministers of Higher Education held in London where they signed partnership agreements with British universities in the presence of Mr. Nasser Kamel; the Egypt's Ambassador in Britain.

Dr. Rushdy Zahran ; the President of Alexandria University signed two agreements with London South Bank University and the University of Dundee for cooperation in the field of scientific research and joint programs in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing and engineering as well as the programs of Master’s and Doctorate degrees and the exchange of faculty members and students. Another agreement of cooperation was signed between the Faculty Medicine - Alexandria University and the Faculty of Medicine - University of Liverpool.

Prof. Dr. Rushdy Zahran stated that these agreements were signed after the first meeting of the Egyptian-British Coordinating Committee as these agreements shall activate the framework convention between the two countries to cooperate in the field of higher education and scientific research which was signed during the visit of President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi to London in November 2015.

Dr Zahran added that Alexandria University prepares to hold a workshop on technical education and vocational training, in partnership with some British universities and institutions in which the Minister of Higher Education and British experts will attend during next October. The proposed workshop will be a part of the activities of the Egyptian-British year for science, technology, education and innovation during 2016.  


The Faculty of Science at the University of Alexandria organized in cooperation with exploratory educational centers of the Ministry of Education in Alexandria, Ibn al-Haytham competition of scientific ideas for students of schools and universities, on Sunday, July 31, 2016 - Faculty of Science (Shatby).

The competition is aimed to improve scientific and innovative talent among students at all levels in order to a better future for education in Egypt, as well as follow-up and care, and the development in all fields and to help them to step up their ideas, innovations and creativity.

About 65 students participated in the competition from different ages. And the average age of the participating students 15-16 years, where 17 students from elementary and junior attended the competition.

It is worth mentioning that this unique competition allows students of all levels with the participation of creative ideas, electrical engineering and Computer, physics, chemistry, biology and environmental science.

The number of submitted ideas 45 idea and a group of faculty members and businessmen participated in the arbitration of projects and has been awarded a number of five awards to the winning ideas of the first five centers and the Cup for the best project to serve the environment and society.

A delegation of Alexandria University visited Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility in Newport City – USA. The delegation was led by Dr. Esam El Kurdy the university vice president Community Service and Environment Development and included Dr. Abdel Aziz Konswa, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Dr. Ismail Gomaa, the former Dean of the Faculty of Commerce. This center is the fruit of cooperation between four universities in Virginia; University of Christopher-Newport, Old Minan University and the College of William & Mary and the Norfolk State University.

The delegation was accompanied by Dr. Tarek Abdul Fattah, the Professor at the University of Christopher Newport and the Director of the university laboratories in Jefferson center and Dr. Charles Reyes, chief scientist of the Center. The delegation inspected scientific instruments in the field of nuclear accelerators and how it is manufactured.

Also, the delegation visited the Center for Applied Researches and the laboratory of nanotechnology researches on applications of solar cells, water and hydrogen production reactors. The delegation also visited a company that produces boron titanium nitride nano tube.

It is worth to note that the substance of boron titanium nitride nano tube has many applications such as connectors, insulation and water desalination. It was also agreed to activate the cooperation between the company and

Alexandria University to use company products in various research areas in Alexandria University, in particular water desalination field.