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Alexandria University President Dr. Essam El-Kurdi pointed out that the university put its potential at the service of the educational process, with a view to prepare a generation capable of contributing actively in the development process. He added that this year which marks the Diamond Jubilee celebrations on the occasion of 75 years since establishment will witness an update in the regulations of the academic programs according to modern

education systems in the world universities. The Rector called all faculties deans to follow-up the education process from the first day of the academic year 2017/2018 in all university faculties with regular lectures in accordance with the tables announced in each faculty.

This came during an observation tour in theoretical complex on Saturday morning 16/9/2017 during which he was accompanied by Prof. Dr. Hisham Gaber, AU vice president for Education and Student Affairs and faculties Deans and deputies. The tour started by flying the flag of Egypt, the national anthem and saluting the flag. The tour included faculties of Tourism, Law, Commerce, Education and Arts in addition to medical clinics and the university cities in Smouha.



The Council of Deans of Alexandria university during its urgent meeting on Tuesday 12/9/2017 headed by university president Dr. Essam El Kurdi approved the proposal of the Dean Dr. Alsayed Alsaify to provide curriculums on CD for the students of the four classes in the Faculty of Commerce and to provide computer labs.

He also suggested to provide 300 copy in the library for free borrowing and to create recordings and videos by each professor to be available on YouTube.

The Council also approved the proposal of the acting Dean of the Faculty of Arts Dr. Ghada Moss who suggested to generalis the trail of providing electronic books for the open education system.


The council of deans in Alexandria University held an urgent meeting on Tuesday 12/9/2017 headed by Dr. Essam El Kurdi to review the final preparations for the new academic year starting on

Saturday 16/9/2017. The Council emphasised on announcing the study tables and finalising all maintenance work before the start date. The Council also reviewed the security procedures to insure the safety of the education process. The Deans would provide a list of vacant halls to solve the problem of some overcrowded faculties due to maintenance work in some buildings.

Dr. Essam El-Kurdi asked the Deans to finish the proposals of updating the regulations to convert the studying system to credit hours with a deadline the end of coming December.


Alexandria University President Dr. Essam El-Kurdi declared that the university is ready to receive 170,000 students on Saturday 16th of September 2017 in the new academic year as the maintenance are almost done for buildings and laboratories. He added that a new payment system was developed for the tuition fees using "Fawry" service and post offices. Dr. Kurdi said that the study tables will be published in the first week and will be available via the web site of each faculty. In addition, the electronic gates and security cameras will be used to secure the students and the education process. He added that there will be more student activities in the new academc year.

In the health care field, the Rector stated that the medical examination is carried out on the new students especially for Virus-C, and a health card will be issued for all students by specialized doctors and equipped pharmacies.

Alexandria University Deputy for Education and Students affairs Dr. Hisham Gaber declared that the university cities is near to finish all preparations to receive the students before the starting date of the new academic year. The suitability of all buildings and facilities of the university cities were reviewed including restaurants, activity halls, playgrounds and libraries. Dr. Gaber confirmed that all maintenance works were carried out for all the facilities to insure its validity to serve the students.

It is worth to note that the capacity of AU cities is 7000 students distributed in Smouha, Saba Basha, Merghem and El Shatby in addition

to the university cities attached to the Faculty of Physical Education and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine with a capacity of 500 students.



Alexandria University Deputy for Education and Students affairs Dr. Hisham Gaber declared that the university started a total development and maintenance plan for university cities buildings. He said that the student has the choice of accommodation without meals for 150 EGP or accommodation with meals for 350 EGP. He indicated that the accommodation in university cities costs 1300 EGP for each student where the university pays the differential costs.

This came during the urgent meeting of AU council of Deans held on Tuesday 12/9/2017 and headed by the university president Dr. Essam El-Kurdi.