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Dr. Magdy Yaakoub, the global cardiac surgeon emphasized the importance of science in the progress of nations reveling that Egypt has professional competences so that it can be a pioneer in scientific research, in addition to achieving the highest level of diseases curing. This came during the ceremony organized by Alexandria University and headed by university President Dr. Essam El- Kurdy to honor Dr. Yaakoub and Dr. Hisham El-Askary the Professor of Geo-science and remote sensing systems.

Dr. Yaakoub pointed out the importance of providing distinguished scientific centers and giving youth the chance to conduct scientific researches that can be internationally recognized. Dr. yaakoub presented the future vision of the new medical center in Aswan that will depend on solar energy and it will be expanded to be full scientific city on the Nile. The new center will contain hospital research institute to provide good service to all people and patients care.

Dr. Hisham El-Askary spoke about the solar atlas project in details, development prospects in Egypt and how this atlas will be used in the expansion of Dr. Yakoub Hospital in Aswan.



Ambassador Nabila Makram the Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptian Expatriate Affairs stated that Egypt needs to the minds of expatriates to benefit from their experiences. She commended the success achieved by the alumni of Alexandria University abroad in various scientific fields. She also emphasized that Egypt can lead the world by its sons at home and abroad, scientists, experts and professors.

This came during the celebration prepared by Alexandria University on Thursday (17/7/2017). The celebration was headed by AU President Dr. Essam El-Kurdy to honor Dr. Magdy Yaakoub the world heart surgeon and Dr. Hisham El-Askary the Alexandria University son and Professor of Geoscience and remote sensing systems. The event was organized within the university's celebrations of its Diamond Jubilee.

The event was attended by Prof. Essam Khamis, vice-minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Eng. Soaad Al Kholi, deputy governor of Alexandria and heads and deputies of the Egyptian universities, public and executive leaders and businessmen in addition to a lot of faculty members and students.



Dr. Hisham El-Askary the Professor of Geoscience and remote sensing systems in USA stated that the Egyptian government is seeking to save more energy to carry out projects that lead to the desired economic growth. This came during the celebration prepared by Alexandria University on Thursday (17/7/2017) to honor the world heart surgeon and Dr. Magdy Yaakoub.

Dr. El-Askary said that Egyptian scientists abroad must have a role in the service of their motherland and should stand with the State to achieve the vision of Egypt 2030. He added that it is necessary to find alternative sources of clean and renewable energy, revealing that he is seeking to create sustainability model for the hospital in order that it can work 24 hours over the week.


President of Alexandria University Dr. Essam El-Kurdy on Sunday (20/8/2017) received Dr. Khaled Salah Hanafi the Lecturer in the Faculty of Education who was awarded the State Award for Scientific Research Excellence in 2016 awarded by the Union of Arabic Scientific Research Councils (based in Khartoum). Dr. Hanafy was awarded for his research "Technological incubators as mechanisms to link between the university and the production sectors in the areas of scientific research and community service". Dr. Hanafy came in the third position within 76 researcher applied for the award from universities and scientific institutions from different Arab countries.

The Rector emphasized the University keenness to encourage distinguished researches and support young researchers as well as paying attention to innovation, entrepreneurship and linking scientific research with the industry in order to promote the Egyptian economy and enhance competitiveness in the labor market.

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The results of the international index "Webomatrix" for measuring quality of education and research services for more than 20,000 of universities all over the world were announced for July 201. Alexandria University came in the eighth place on the Arabian level and in second place among Egyptian universities after Cairo University and followed by Mansoura University then Ain shams University. AU also came in the eighth place in Africa level and 1128 on the international level.

It is worth to note that such classifications focuses on the academic content and researches on the internet for students, academicians and research centers of universities and its accessibility. Also it measures traffic on university websites and the development plane of university portal.