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Dr. Mohamed Ismail, Vice President of Alexandria University for Matroh Branch Affairs expressed his happiness after conducting the first student elections in Matroh branch. This came during the session of the University Council on 14/12/2017 in El Shatby.

Dr. Ismail called the deans and faculty members to attend the final celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Alexandria University on 20 and 21 December in the Conference Hall Alexandria Bibliotheca.

The Council reviewed the latest status of constructions and equipment of the university land in Kilo 9.

The Council was informed of the decree of the Supreme Council of Universities to open post graduate studies for Demonstrators and Assistant Lecturers in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, in Matroh Branch.

The Council also reviewed the detailed report submitted by the dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine on the workshop of the Egyptian Knowledge Bank held last week in Egypt Public Library in Matroh as well as the report of the medical convoy to Siwa oasis.

The Council also reviewed the preparations for the first semester exams.

Dr. Mustafa Al Nagar the Academic Coordinator of Matroh Branch presented the rules and regulations of the Graduate Studies that shall be applied in Matroh faculties.
The Council also approved the appointment of one Demonstrator and promotion of one Lecturer to the degree of Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Desert and Environmental Agriculture.