In the framework of consolidating the relations between Alexandria University and universities from the Far East, Dr. Hisham Gaber; AU Vice President for Education and Student Affairs and Dr. Mohammed Ismail, AU Vice President for Matroh Branch received the delegation of Hanbat National University from South Korea. The delegation was headed by university President Dr. Sung Ha Yang. The visit aims to develop and strengthen the scientific research and academic cooperation between the two universities and to open new prospects for further cooperation between the two sides, especially in the fields of technology, engineering, and areas that serve industry. The two sides also discusses the possibility to exchange faculty members and students and ways of cooperation in the fields of common interest.

 Dr. Hisham Gaber emphasized during the meeting the keenness of Alexandria University to consolidate relations with the prestigious world universities to cooperation with, through scholarships, study programs and joint scientific degrees. He explained that AU seeks in the coming period to develop the scientific programs in all faculties of the university in line with world standards, in order to increase employment opportunities for its alumni.

Dr. Mohamed Ismail also confirmed the scientific leadership of Alexandria University among both Arab and African universities with its outstanding positions in several international indexes, in addition to its distinguished relations with many African countries.

For his part, Dr. Sung Ha Yang expressed his hope to increase the future cooperation between the two universities in scientific and academic areas of common interest, as well as developmental programs that can contribute to qualifying the alumni of Alexandria University especially in the fields of high professional technology.