Alexandria University President Dr. Essam El-Kurdi recently received Mr. John Casson, Britain's ambassador in Cairo and Wendy Freeman Britain's consul general in Alexandria. The visit aims to support the relations and promote cooperation between the two sides in the scientific and academic areas of common interest as well as increasing scientific exchange and benefit from experiences. 

In the meeting, the Rector statedthat there is ongoing cooperation between AU and British universities through scholarships provided within the Newton-Musharafa program as a partnership between the Ministry of Higher Education and British Council. The cooperation programsallowtravel for young researchers to study for master's and PhD degrees in British universities. He indicated that the University priorities includes the development of academic programs for both undergraduate and graduate studies and updating the curriculum, as well as the development of research activities to comply with the industry requirements and problems.

The British ambassador commended on the activity Arabic Education Center in the Faculty of Arts and its role in the presentation of Arabic culture and language to foreigners.The ambassador also stressed his country's keenness on achieving partnership between the two sides in order to ensure quality standards in higher education and to achieve the objective of cooperation between Egypt and UK.

The meeting was attended by, AU vice president for Education and Student AffairsDr. Hisham Gaber.