The forum "Integration of university and industry" ended its activities on 24 April 2017. The forum was held on the theme "Our country is better with youth" in collaboration with The Egyptian Junior Business Association.

The forum issued a set of recommendations, the most important of which is: the need to amend the regulations and study programs to keep up with of the labor market and cover the requirements of the local market, Arab and European countries as the year of 2017 is considered as the year of programs development in University of Alexandria. 
The recommendations also included a proposal to add a new course under the name of Entrepreneurship as university prerequisite. 

The Forum recommended a great focus oninculcating the culture of work in youth and developing personal and administrative aspects and self-development of the students in governmental universities. It also called forbusinessmen and civil society to take care ofcreative academic ideas, and to benefit from the training centers inside the factories which combine academic and vocational side throughpractical training of students.

The forum also called to increase joint programs between universityfaculties and institutes, and tointroduce modern technology in all academic programs. The forum emphasized on practical studies and training and the creation of a scientific cooperation between faculties with regard to graduation projects, as well aspaying attention to the role of technological incubators to serve the community in the industrial and medical fields. 
It also recommended the necessity to find a connection between scientific research and information that shallaffect positively on the community.It also recommended linking scientific research and the labor market and all sectors of civil society and to increase the volume of investments to bridge the gap between education and labor market.