Dr. Hisham Gabr, Vice president of Alexandria University stressed on the importance of university role to instill spirit of citizenship and patriotism in youth and refusing misconceptions. Dr. Hisham in his meeting with Council of Research and Graduates Studies added that AU pays attention to develop curriculums and study programs in parallel with developing student character. He declared that 2017 will be the year of comprehensive development in the educational process for both stages; under graduate and graduate study. He added that the university is introducing programs in information awareness and entrepreneurship for raising student awareness.

The Council adopted the cooperation protocol between Alexandria University and the National Council for Women and adopted the cooperation agreement between Alexandria University and University of Poitiers in France.

رئيس جامعة الاسكندرية

On the theme "Our country is better with youth", Alexandria University will organize a forum on the integration of university and industry. The forum will be held on 23/4/2017 in collaboration with The Egyptian Junior Business Association. The University President Dr. Essam El-Kurdy will open the forum and it will be attended by Egyptian universities leaders, President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, President of the Egyptian Junior Business Association, teaching staff, businessmen, representatives of Industry and Investment Ministries, Students , graduates and others.   

Dr. Mohamed Belal, the Executive Manager of Career Development Center in Alexandria University declared that this forum aims to develop solutions to bridge the gab between academic study and labor market needs in order to face unemployment problems in Egypt. The forum will discusses many topics in three sessions such as Alexandria University strategy to link between academic study and labor market needs, community services in job training for students and graduates and professional training for small projects.


Within the Diamond Jubilee of Alexandria University, Dr. Mohamed Sultan the Governor of Alexandria and Dr. Essam El-Kurdi the President of AU the opened some exhibitions that are held on the sidelines of the eighth Environmental Forum. The forum is organized by AU Department of Community Service and Environment Development in collaboration with the Ministry of State for Environmental Affair. The forum is entitled "Sustainable green cities" and was attended by university deputies, faculty deans, and managers of many companies and governmental authorities.

The exhibitions represented products of 49 productive and service units in the university. Participated units are poultry production unit, dairy manufacturing unit at the Faculty of Agriculture, the engineering advisory center in the Faculty of Engineering and the Higher Institute of Public Health, unit of Arabic teaching for Chinese students, the electronic microscope unit, and the gallery of applied research in addition to centers of excellence.


University of Alexandria President Dr. Essam El-Kurdi declared that Egypt is committed to achieving sustainable development, in line with the objectives of the United Nations sustainable development.Furthermore, Egypt is contributing effectively to the solution of global issues such as poverty, hunger and energy consumption, and to provide the best educational systems and health care methods and the environmental conservation.

This came during the opening of the eighth Environmental Forum, organized by AU Department of Community Service and Environment Development in cooperation with the Ministry of State for Environmental Affair. This year forum is entitled "Sustainable green cities" and will continue its work for two days.

 AU president clarified that the meeting forumaims to exchange experiences between university researchers onstrategic elements and objectives of sustainable green cities.  He added that Earth Day celebration will be held in the Faculty of Science at the sidelines of the forum on next Saturday, wherthe celebration shall include the subject of environmental footprint as well as many activities.

In her speech on behalf of the Minister of Environment Dr. Khaled Fahmy, Eng. Huda Mustafa the Under-secretary of the Ministry of Environment in Alexandria statedthat the Environmental Forum represents a new addition in scientific research in this area and represents a great opportunity to discuss environmental challenges facing our country.

On 10th of April 2017, an esteemed delegation from Fulbright Commission in Egypt, headed by Dr. Maggie Nassif, Executive Director of the Fulbright paid a visit to Alexandria University

The delegation was welcomed by AU President, Dr. Essam El-Kurd. An information session was held introducing details of the programs and scholarships offered by the Fulbright commission to Egyptian students to obtain Master's degree as 30 scholarships are offered in addition to research opportunities in USA universities in engineering, agriculture, renewable energy and technological fields

Dr. Kurdi emphasized university keenness to collaborate with prestigious scientific associations to develop faculty members through offered scientific programs

Dr  Maggie Nassif stated that  the available scholarships varies from 6 months to 2 years while the deadline to apply is 4th of  May 2017