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Alexandria University Council in its session held on Tuesday, 24 November 2015 under chairmanship of the Rector Dr.  Rushdi Zahran underlined the importance of encouraging students to participate in student activities and to make use of their efforts in literacy programs in partnership with the concerned bodies and actors to achieve this important national goal.

Prof. Dr. Rushdi Zahran, President of Alexandria University, and Prof. Dr. Ali Shams Al-Din, President of Banha University, recently opened a workshop to support the reform of higher education in Egypt. It was organized by Alexandria University in cooperation with the Supreme Council of Universities and the British Council. It was led by Dr. Leslie Huxley Institutional Development Department Director of the Leadership for Higher Education Foundation and Andi Shinnston consulting and business development director of Leadership for Higher Education Foundation. It was attended by the University vice presidents, deans and deputies of faculties in Alexandria, leaders of Damanhour, Banha, Sadat, Zaqaziq, Damietta, Alexandria universities and the Arab Academy for Science and Technology. The workshop was organized in order to listen and gather ideas on leadership development strategy in higher education sector in Egypt and learn about the important aspects for the Egyptian universities to determine the components of leadership strategy in the future to reflect the needs of the Egyptian universities. Dr.  Zahran pointed out that the university is seeking to develop the capacity centers of staff members of in the Egyptian universities with respect to leadership, governance, administrative development, and to benefit from the British experience in this area. That is in line with the strategic plan of the Ministry of Higher Education, stressing the need for cooperation to assess the current situation and goals that we aspire to reach in addition to the development of the road map for the future. Prof. Dr. Shams Al-din pointed that the workshop is part of what was agreed upon in the memorandum of cooperation signed between the Ministry of Higher Education and Britain last November. This included assistance in developing university leadership capabilities. He added that a workshop was organized before for the same purpose at the University of Helwan for emerging youth groups and today’s workshop today, which is characterized by the participation of university leaders

Conference Proceedings of International Forum on Quality and Evaluation in Higher Education began on Monday, 9:00, May 2016, which organized by the heads of Francophone universities conference in the Middle East and the Middle East office of Alexandria university, for two days at Conference Hall, Faculty of Medicine.The conference were attended by heads and representatives of universities, vice-president of Alexandria University, professors and students of France departments at the university.


Prof. Dr. Rushdi Zahran, president of Alexandria University and head of the Francophone universities conference in the Middle East confirmed that this meeting is an opportunity to assess and find out ways to be followed for that, and to identify the themes that make us better access to mass culture to the level of required quality for the local and regional level.


Mr. Herve Sabourin, regional director for the Middle East office of the International Agency of Francophone confirmed in his speech on the importance of the forum, which discusses importance of all educational institutions, quality assurance and accreditation, assessment and stressed the need to keep pace with global development and the development of mechanisms used and to develop clear policies for evaluation.

During the session of Community Service and of Environment Development Council held on Sunday 21 February 2016, Prof. Dr. Essam Kurdi, Vice President of Alexandria University for Community Service and of Environment Development stressed on using the common logo of Alexandria University for all internal and external transmittals in faculties and institutes of the university and also for training certificates issued by the University starting from March 2016. He stated that this decision was taken to unify university identity and prevent document fraud by others using the name of Alexandria University.


Prof. Dr. Seddik Abdul Salam, Alexandria University vice president for Higher Studies and Research, declared that the 2017/2018 scholarship program in England is open to study for one year in one of British universities for Master Degree in any discipline. The registration would be online with a deadline of 8th of November 2016.

For more information about application conditions and areas of study, please visit the following link: