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The governor of Alexandria; Eng. Mohamed Abdel Zaher attended in the meeting of Alexandria University Council held on Tuesday 29th of September 2015 under chairmanship of Dr. RoshdyZahran. Eng. Abdel Zaherexpressed my appreciation to the value of science and scientists and the role of Alexandria University as a permanent consultancy firm for all projects in the governorate through cooperation in planning and implementation of works and projects. He also pointed out the importance of consolidated efforts between the governorate and the university to solve Alexandria problems in order to bring it back as Bride of the Mediterranean Sea again.

The council congratulated Eng. Mohamed Abdel Zaher for being appointed as governor of Alexandria. The council also congratulated Prof. Dr. EssamKhamis; the Professor at Faculty of Science and the former President of Scientific Research City for being appointed as Deputy of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The council also congratulated Prof. Dr. Maha Adel; Dean of the Faculty of Nursing for being appointed as Scientific Deputy of Arab Union of Specialized Woman affiliated to the League of Arab States.  

Dr. Sedeek Abdul Salam, vice president of Alexandria University for Graduate Studies and Research pointed out to the statement of the Supreme Council of Universities on the provisions of UNESCO on annual scholarships from the national Brunei for the semester 2016-2017, note that the deadline to apply is January 9, 2016.
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In the presence of Dr. EssamKhamis,Deputy Secretary of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Faculty of Science- Alexandria University, organized jointly with the Alumni Association a scientific seminar entitled "Egypt and Nuclear Age" given by the Egyptian scientist, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Salah Al Naschie. He talked about the history of the nuclear reactor since Abdel Nasser era until now, and that the first nuclear reactor for scientific research inaugurated by Gamal Abdel Nasser and it is called "Anshas reactor”.

He also talked about scientific, sports and physical theories and concepts, which paved the way to the work of nuclear reactors and create energy out of nothing and cosmic energies.He also explained  how the public Einstein's theory is the base of energy research that have evolved, which led to the emergence of Dr. Al Naschie’s theory which amended Einstein's theory.

He also discussed some of his researches on the infinite energy of the vacuum, which is mechanical amount energy. He announced that he could contribute to the establishment of a new nuclear reactor for energy and can bring external funding for its establishment as well as a nuclear reactor project for scientific research.

The seminar was attended by a great number of scientists, students, and intellectuals. It was also attended by Dean of People's Congress, Mr. Kamal Ahmed and professors of all universities in Egypt in addition to the professors of the University of Alexandria. At the end of the seminar, he and Dr. EssamKhamis, Deputy Secretary of Higher Education and Scientific Research,were honored as well asthe professors of the Faculty of Science recipients of state awards and prizes of the University for 2015. This seminar was held by an initiative of the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Science, headed by Dr. Gen. / Ahmed Fahmy.

In the preliminary rounds of Eng. Mohamed Abdul Thahiras a Governor of Alexandria, Dr. RoshdyZahran, Alexandria University President, received, on Monday, December 28th, 2015, the Governor at the University head office in Al Shatby, where they discussed ways of cooperation that Alexandria returns back to its prosperity according toa joint scientific strategic vision.

The governor stressed, during the meeting, that he will set the priorities of the Alexandrian citizen in the first priorities of the Governorate.This includes solving the problem ofcleanliness, traffic and sanitation.He also declared that he will address the building violations and encroachment on the beaches strictly. In addition, he pointed out that the engineering administrations of Housing departments are the authorities that grant the building permits, but confusion and the non-applicationof  law firmly against violators lead to increasing problem.

Dr. RoshdyZahran pointed that the University dedicates all its qualities and expertise of its professors in the Governorate’s service.He  noted that many of the University faculties and institutes have many projects and studies that can be used in solving the Governorate’s problems,such as getting rid of wastes and their recycling.He also added that the civil society has a major role to cooperate with the Governorate to solve many problems.

The meeting was attended by Prof. Dr. SediqAbdul Salam, the University Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abaza, the University Vice President for MatrouhBranch, and Prof. Dr. EssamAl Kordy, The University Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development


In a celebration fulfilling the meaning of the generosity,Alexandria University Council, honored, on Thursday 10/12/2015, headed by Prof. Dr. RoushdyZahran, the University President,  Prof. Dr. HendHanafi, former President of the University. That is in recognition of her outstanding role during the period she occupied as the first woman to hold this position at the level of Egypt and the Middle East in the period from 2009- 2011, during which she has been able to make the University reachan advanced international level to be for the first time in the world rankings of universities.

In his speech on this occasion, Prof. Zahran praised the efforts of Prof. HendHanafi, starting from her role in the development of medical education and as the deputy of the Faculty of Medicine, then, occupying the position of Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, to the president of the University and what sheremarkably provided during this period to the University.

The members of the Board expressed their recognition of the role played by Prof. Dr. HendHanafi to serve the University of Alexandria and that the University was ranked 147 among the top 200 universities in the world for 2010, during her period.In addition, she waschosen head of the Office of Francophone universities in the Middle East.They also talked about her personal kindness and situations with the faculty, staff members, worker and students that reflects her kind personality.

For her side, Dr. HendHanafi expressed appreciation to the University of Alexandria and pride that the university honored her.In addition, wished success for the current management of the University headed by Prof. Dr. RoshdyZahran in achieving progress and prosperity for the University.