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In a celebration fulfilling the meaning of the generosity,Alexandria University Council, honored, on Thursday 10/12/2015, headed by Prof. Dr. RoushdyZahran, the University President,  Prof. Dr. HendHanafi, former President of the University. That is in recognition of her outstanding role during the period she occupied as the first woman to hold this position at the level of Egypt and the Middle East in the period from 2009- 2011, during which she has been able to make the University reachan advanced international level to be for the first time in the world rankings of universities.

In his speech on this occasion, Prof. Zahran praised the efforts of Prof. HendHanafi, starting from her role in the development of medical education and as the deputy of the Faculty of Medicine, then, occupying the position of Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, to the president of the University and what sheremarkably provided during this period to the University.

The members of the Board expressed their recognition of the role played by Prof. Dr. HendHanafi to serve the University of Alexandria and that the University was ranked 147 among the top 200 universities in the world for 2010, during her period.In addition, she waschosen head of the Office of Francophone universities in the Middle East.They also talked about her personal kindness and situations with the faculty, staff members, worker and students that reflects her kind personality.

For her side, Dr. HendHanafi expressed appreciation to the University of Alexandria and pride that the university honored her.In addition, wished success for the current management of the University headed by Prof. Dr. RoshdyZahran in achieving progress and prosperity for the University.

Prof. Dr. RoushdyZahran, Alexandria Unuiversity President,received, on Thursday afternoon 10/12/2015 Mr. Gerard Stekhes, Ambassador of the Netherlands in Cairo, where they discussed the latest developments for the Dutch grant of three equipped University hospitals:SmouhaEmergency University Hospital, the new Medical and Pediatric SurgeryHospital in Smouha and Burj Al Arab Hospital.

Prof. Dr.Zahran pointed to the completion of all the medical and technical equipment of these hospitals in accordance with the international standards. He added that the University is now overcoming all the obstacles that hinder the actual operation of the hospital in full capacity due to a lack of human resources such as nursing and technicians needed to run hospitals in various medical, surgical and therapeuticspecialties .

The Dutch Ambassador also stressed the interest of the Dutch side in cooperation with the University of Alexandria for the completion of the operation of these hospitals and to benefit from this experience to be the nucleus of other future projects between the Egyptian government and the Dutch government.

The Meeting was attended by Prof.Dr. Sediq Abdul Salam, the University Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Dr. EssamAl kordy, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, and Prof. Dr. HishamGaber, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs.

Under the sponsorship of Prof. Dr. RoshdyZahran,President of Alexandria University,the Faculty of Nursing organized a celebrationfor the graduation of Class No. 56 at the Faculty’s head office on Wednesday evening, 09/12/2015.

In her speech on this occasion, Prof. Dr. Maha Adel Salem, Dean of the Faculty, congratulated the graduates for their success and emphasized the importance of the continuity of relationship between the Faculty and the graduates as well as the importance of following education continuation programs offered by the Faculty. That to contribute effectively in following the latest scientific techniques in the field of the profession and do the effort to raise the level of health services to relieve patients.She also stressed the importance of daily communication through the website of the Faculty and expressed confidence in the performance of graduates level indicating that they are the best representatives of the Faculty in all work sites.

Prof. Dr. yman Youssef Sabry, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs,stressed the participation of graduates in the day of harvesting their best and wished them success.She also pointed out the difficulty of the nursing profession, indicating that their service include hardship and fatigue and the ability to work for long hours to serve patients and raise our beloved Homeland .

Dr.Wafaa Abdel Hamid,the Faculty of Nursing DeputyforCommunity Service and Environmental Development,thanked the health institutions that have made remarkable contributions to the training of graduates, which contributed to equip them with practical experience that influenced their level effectively. She also congratulated the families of the graduates.

Dr.ManalOwaida, the Faculty Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, expressed her confidence that the graduates will not hesitate to dotheir best efforts to alleviate the patients’ pain and contribute effectively in providing treatment to them.That contributesto progress in the field of medical service in Egypt.


In the celebration, the top students of Bachelor degree, those who are rewarded master's and doctoral degrees in nursing, and professors and assistant professors who have been promoted were honored. The official ceremony of the celebration ended by singing students of the Department of Nursing and the distribution of certificates on the graduates.

Since Alexandria University firmly believes in the importance of linking scientific research and industry, Dr. Rushdi Zahran, President of Alexandria University signed the protocol of cooperation between the Faculty of Engineering and Ameriya Cement company with Eng. Mohamed Al Nokaly; Deputy of the Governing Council of Ameriya Cement Company on Monday, 21 December 2015. The two parties agreed to provide annual training opportunities in the summer for prominent students and the company will offer an annual prize for the best graduation projects for in the fields of cement and concrete and also it will organize educational site visits to Ameriya Cement Factory for in the final year students.

  The two parties also agreed that the company will sponsor scientific conferences in the Faculty of Engineering, through participation in associated exhibitions and to sponsor annual graduation ceremonies and recruitment fairs as well as to announce inside the faculty for vacant positions and available jobs available in the company..

Prof. Dr.  Rushdy Zahran expressed his appreciation for this good initiative and wishing to expand the scope of cooperation between the university and industrial institutions to create joint projects that shall serve the society inside and outside Egypt. He indicated that this joint cooperation is a model for other faculties to follow. He added that the State recognizes the role of scientific research and education in achieving progress and development, stressing the need for activating scientific research with a target of helping the industry and national economy and to find solutions to industrial troubleshooting.

The signature of the agreement was attended by Prof. Dr. Essam Kurdy; Vice President of the University for Community Service and Environment Development, Prof. Dr. Abdel Aziz Konswah; Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Dr. Magdi Abdel Azim, Deputy of the Faculty of Engineering for Graduate Studies and Research and Mr. Martin Esasa; Deputy of the Governing Council of Ameriya Cement Company for production and operations.



Alexandria University has made progress in Webometrics Ranking of World Universities, July 2016, to measure the quality of education and research services, to more than twenty thousand universities around the world, where it take first place at the level of the Egyptian public universities, followed by Cairo University and University of Mansoura and Benha University, and the third among Arab countries after King Saud University and King Abdulaziz University and 609 at the international level.

Dr. Rushdi Zahran, president of Alexandria University declared that the university has expanded during the previous period to be within this category, and that the progress of the university is due to their efforts academically and administratively, as well as professors and students and staff's efforts in the development of leading standards to the presence in this excellent reputation.

He pointed out that the Webometrics Web Rankings is a subsidiary of one of the Spanish research centers and evaluation and specializes in monitoring academic websites, also is considered the most advanced in the field of research, studies and reports, electronic pages in the world, a global classification linked to the standard of research and technical files, and is updated on a regular basis every six months, and it is rated the best universities in the world on the basis that any university activities appear in their websites.

The president of the university added that the rating system focuses on academic content and research on the Internet for both students and academics and research centers of the universities, and access to it, as it measured by the level of follow-up on the electronic university sites.