AU President Dr. Essam El Kurdi talked about the university concern about providing medical and health services to African countries through periodical medical convoys and establishment of hospitals in some countries. This comes within the university role in community service and supporting the neighbor countries, he said.

Dr. Kurdi declared that a medical convoy was sent to Kericho in Kenya and started work yesterday for one week to perform 100 surgical operation for free and using the latest and advanced tools.

Dr. Ahmed El Masry, the head of the Department of Ophthalmology in the Faculty of Medicine stated that the Kenyan Minister of Heath visited the convoy and thanked Alexandria University and the convoy doctors for their efforts. The minister also declared that the convoy members is very competent physicians and technicians with highly technological preparation and tools.

Dr. El Masry declared that 40 surgical operation have been finished successfully for patients from age of two years up to ninety years old.