Dr. Essam El-Kordi, President of Alexandria University, congratulated the winners of the state awards from the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology and the Supreme Council of Culture the seven faculty members, Dr. Sherif Hussein Abdel Razek Qandil from the High Institute of Graduate Studies & Research. He won the State Award for Advanced Technological Sciences (Basic Sciences), Dr. Shibal Badran Professor of Education, who won the State Award in Social Sciences, Dr. Abdul Salam Abu Qahf Professor at the Faculty of Commerce, and Dr. Said Saad Bader Professor of Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts, who won the State Prize for excellence in the arts. Dr. Hossam Osama Mohammed Nageeb Al Ansari, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Agriculture, won the State Encouragement Award in Science and Advanced Technological Sciences, And Dr. Marwa Adel Abdul Latif Ragab, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy, who won the State Encouragement Award of advanced science and technological sciences (medical science).

     The President of the University, during his meeting with the winners, stressed that they represent an honorable image of the scientists at the University of Alexandria, pointing out that the state awards are a tribute to all researchers and scientists for their research that serves the research system in Egypt. He called on the university president to continue to exert more efforts and enrich scientific research.

The winners also thanked the university administration and its leaders for the support they provide to encourage researchers to play their role in accordance with the university's strategy to enter the international classifications.

     Dr. Mohammed Ismail, Vice President of Matruh Branch, and Dr. Mokhtar Yousef, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, attended the ceremony.