Alexandria University President Dr. Essam El Kurdi has received Kenya Ambassador Mr. Otyano Juffe Makwienga on Sunday 20/5/2015. The meeting discussed how to strengthen the relationships and solve problems of the Kenyan students in Alexandria University.

During the meeting, Dr. Kurdi stated AU keenness on cooperation with the Kenyan universities like the current relations with Moi University in several areas. He also welcomed the Kenyan students who wish to study and train in the Faculty of Medicine through dedicated courses and training programs. Dr. Kurdi announced for increasing the number of grants for Kenyan students upon a request from the ambassador.

The Kenyan Ambassador spoke about some problems facing the students in AU and asked the Rector to provide temporary license to work for practical training.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Hisham Gaber the university vice president for Education and Students Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Othman the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Dr. Ibrahim Rehab the AU Advisor for African Affairs.