As part of the celebration of the World Earth Day in Alexandria University, the Faculty of Science organized a celebration entitled "Drop of water equal life" on Sunday morning, 22/4/2018 at Zewail auditorium in El Shatby.

Dr. Mohammed Ismail, AU Vice President for Matruh branch made the opening statement on behalf of the Rector Dr. El-Kordi. Dr. Ismail said that the Earth Day is an occasion for millions of people around the world to renew their commitment to preserve the environment, especially with increasing industrial and technological progress. He added that Alexandria University is interested in these issues because of its scientific and research expertise in the field of environmental sciences. He pointed out that event topic is one of the most important issues facing the country as Egypt suffers from severe shortage of water. He added that the university participated in many studies, researches and national projects contributing in development of the country such as the projects of Mahmudia axis, Mustafa Kamel Bridge and the Bashair Al Khair.

Alexandria University Vice President for Community Service and Environment Development Dr. Abdel Aziz Qonswa stated that the environment sustainability is not a luxury, as the state seeks to develop many national projects. Dr. Qonswa talked about Egypt’s share of water coming from the Nile and indicated the importance of rationalize water consumption and to use modern technology in irrigation, agriculture and wastewater treatment, and the establishment of desalination plants.

Dr. Alaa Ramadan, Dean of the Faculty of Science said that the purpose of the event is to guide everyone to know the seriousness of water shortage, rationalize consumption, and raise awareness of environmental issues and natural resources preservation. He thanked all attendees from companies, businessmen and governmental bodies.