Prof. Dr. Rushdi Zahran, President of Alexandria University, and Prof. Dr. Ali Shams Al-Din, President of Banha University, recently opened a workshop to support the reform of higher education in Egypt. It was organized by Alexandria University in cooperation with the Supreme Council of Universities and the British Council. It was led by Dr. Leslie Huxley Institutional Development Department Director of the Leadership for Higher Education Foundation and Andi Shinnston consulting and business development director of Leadership for Higher Education Foundation. It was attended by the University vice presidents, deans and deputies of faculties in Alexandria, leaders of Damanhour, Banha, Sadat, Zaqaziq, Damietta, Alexandria universities and the Arab Academy for Science and Technology. The workshop was organized in order to listen and gather ideas on leadership development strategy in higher education sector in Egypt and learn about the important aspects for the Egyptian universities to determine the components of leadership strategy in the future to reflect the needs of the Egyptian universities. Dr.  Zahran pointed out that the university is seeking to develop the capacity centers of staff members of in the Egyptian universities with respect to leadership, governance, administrative development, and to benefit from the British experience in this area. That is in line with the strategic plan of the Ministry of Higher Education, stressing the need for cooperation to assess the current situation and goals that we aspire to reach in addition to the development of the road map for the future. Prof. Dr. Shams Al-din pointed that the workshop is part of what was agreed upon in the memorandum of cooperation signed between the Ministry of Higher Education and Britain last November. This included assistance in developing university leadership capabilities. He added that a workshop was organized before for the same purpose at the University of Helwan for emerging youth groups and today’s workshop today, which is characterized by the participation of university leaders