Conference Proceedings of International Forum on Quality and Evaluation in Higher Education began on Monday, 9:00, May 2016, which organized by the heads of Francophone universities conference in the Middle East and the Middle East office of Alexandria university, for two days at Conference Hall, Faculty of Medicine.The conference were attended by heads and representatives of universities, vice-president of Alexandria University, professors and students of France departments at the university.


Prof. Dr. Rushdi Zahran, president of Alexandria University and head of the Francophone universities conference in the Middle East confirmed that this meeting is an opportunity to assess and find out ways to be followed for that, and to identify the themes that make us better access to mass culture to the level of required quality for the local and regional level.


Mr. Herve Sabourin, regional director for the Middle East office of the International Agency of Francophone confirmed in his speech on the importance of the forum, which discusses importance of all educational institutions, quality assurance and accreditation, assessment and stressed the need to keep pace with global development and the development of mechanisms used and to develop clear policies for evaluation.