Khadiga Mohamed Abdel Aziz


Faculty of Pharmacy

Enas Moussa Diab

Music Education

Faculty of Specific Education

Saeed Mohamed Abdel Khader

Structural Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Sameh Saad El Ansary

Acoustics Phonetics

Faculty of Arts

Amin Mustafa Mohamed El Sayed

Criminal Law

Faculty of Law

Ali Abdel Wahab Naga


Faculty of Economic Studies and Political Science

Gannat Abdel Ghany Bacatouchy

Educational Science

Faculty of Kindergarten

Abeer Ahmed Ateya


Faculty of Tourism & Hotels

Mohamed Anwar Ebrahim


Faculty of Education

Eman Hussien El Sayed Ayaad


Faculty of Agriculture (Saba Pasha)

Ahmed Hussien El Sayed


Faculty of Fine Arts

Ahmed Saad El Din


Faculty of Physical Education for Boys

Suzan Mohamed Ezzat


Faculty of Physical Education for Girls

Yaman Youssef Sabry


Faculty of Nursing

Mohamed Bahey El Din Solieman


Faculty of Agriculture

Amany abdel Hamid Esmael


Faculty of Science