Course contents:

Scheme, Expression evaluation and a simple model of evaluation, Data procedures, Local variables, Logical operators, Data driven programming. Inductive definitions, BNF, Recursion, Mutual recursion, Properties of variables, Data abstraction, Abstract syntax, Environments, Mutable data and sequencing, An new evaluation model, Transformational languages, Environment passing interpreters, Conditional evaluation and local binding, User-defined procedures and closures, Variable assignment, Parameter passing, Lazy evaluation, Aggregate data implementations, Statements, Type checking, Type inference and type abstractions, Polymorphism, Object oriented language, Inheritance, Implementing object-oriented features, Control context and continuations, A continuation passing interpreter, Procedural representation of continuations, Exceptions and control flow, Logic programming.

Weekly Lectures

Lecute 1: Introduction to the course (Power Point )

Lecute 2: Syntax (Power Point )

Lecute 3: Pasring (Power Point )

Lecute 4: Data Types  (Power Point  


Lecute 5: Names   (Power Point

Lecute 6: Statments (Power Point


Lecute 7: Subprograms (Power Point


Lecute 8: OOP (Power Point


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Dr Yasser Fouad


عرض تقويم كامل